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Exhibition 01 / City Park
6 December 2016 - 4 February 2017
Exhibition 01 / City Park

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

The exhibition "The City Park" presents this masterpiece of Portuguese landscape architecture which has a strong impact on the city and its dynamics.

It is an extremely innovative and outstanding work, at both national and international level, which has been able, over decades, to overcome any adversity to settle in this city, enriching its present and its future. It was regarded as a work of recognised merit, distinguished by the Order of Engineers as one of the "100 Civil Engineering Works of the 20th Century. It delivers with ingenuity and puts into practice the concepts of "park" as a reflection and materialisation of the previous studies carried out over centuries that allowed, with its maturity, dedication, sensitivity and commitment, to have this work of art in the city of Porto.

We invite citizens to visit this exhibition in which we present the history of the City Park from since its beginnings, which includes a model with the evolutionary projection of the park over the last decades, national and international landscape architecture reference books and stories from those who regularly use the Park. A film will also be projected in the interactive space.


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