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Lia Ferreira
Lia Ferreira

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

Graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, where she presented her thesis: "Inclusive Architecture - (un)Architectural Mobility and Barriers.” She was part of the Technical Team: "Guide to Accessibility and Mobility for All" and "Cities of Desire among City Drawings, Good Practices of Urban Design and Inclusive Design.” Between 2007 and 2009, she integrated both the M.PT (Mobility and Territory Planning) and the ICVM (offices). In July 2009, she took over as Deputy Ombudsman and, in September 2012, she took office as Disability Citizen Ombudsman for the Porto City Council, a position she holds currently. She defends Inclusive Architecture as an integral part of Building Cities of the Future/ Sustainable Cities/ Smart Cities. In this context, she integrates several national and international working groups.


| Talk 03 / Porto, an inclusive city? |


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