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Stepping out / i3S
15 December 2016
Stepping out / i3S

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

The i3S is more than an emblematic building in the heart of the Asprela. Architecture is an element that attracts the public but it is the scientific activity developed there which is the strong point of this space. The initiative is therefore to open the doors of the institute to those who want to know the "backstage" and the dynamics of i3S, as well as the progress achieved in the laboratories in three main areas of health: Cancer, Host Interaction and Response, and Neurobiology and Neurological Disorders.

The Entity: The i3S is a transdisciplinary institution dedicated to research and innovation in health sciences. The institute-a consortium headed by the University of Porto and resulting from a long collaboration between IBMC, INEB and Ipatimup-brings together internationally renowned scientists who offer a broad range of expertise in basic, translational and clinical research. The i3S researchers are therefore able to address a number of complex issues within three integrative programs: Cancer, Host Interaction and Response, and Neurobiology and Neurological Disorders. Guided by a social and ethical responsibility, the i3S has around 1000 collaborators developing multiple approaches that aim for a single objective: to promote health.


Guidance: Mário Barbosa, i3S Director

Other participations: Claudio Sunkel, Director IBMC | Fernando Jorge Monteiro, Director INEB | Manuel Sobrinho Simões, Director IPATIMUP

Date: 15 December 2016

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Duration: 60’

Capacity: 50 people 

Target audience: general

Meeting point: at the entrance of the building - Rua Alfredo Allen 208, 4200-135 Porto 

Entry: free through previous inscription


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