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Henrique Barros
Henrique Barros

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

Henrique Barros was born in Porto, in 1957. He graduated in Medicine in 1981 and has been teaching at the School of Medicine of Porto University (FMUP) since 1979. In 1988-89, he was a research fellow at the Internal Medicine department of Lund´s University Hospital. In 1991, he became Gastroenterology specialist and finished his PhD, with a research in the epidemiology of viral hepatitis. He has been Full Professor of Epidemiology since 1999. He worked on the development of the Master Programs in Public Health (which he coordinates), Epidemiology and Health Education and Sociology and Health, as well as on the doctoral program in Public Health at the University of Porto and the doctoral program in Global Public Health, an academic program based on the teaching and research of four Portuguese schools, financed by the Portuguese Research Foundation (FCT), which he directs. He has developed research in national and international projects, in areas such as clinical and perinatal epidemiology, cardiovascular, infectious and cancer diseases, which resulted in (co)authorship of more than 250 scientific publications in international journals. He was a member of the Scientific Council for Health Sciences of the Foundation for Science and Technology (2004-12). He was National Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Program (2005-11), member of the Executive Commission of the National Ethical Committee for Clinical Investigation (2009-2016) and member of the Medical Sciences (MED) Scientific Committee of Science Europe (2012-15). He is currently, the President of the Institute of Public Health, University of Porto, and President-Elect of the International Epidemiological Association (2014-17).


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