Laboratório vivo para o fortalecimento do ecossistema de inovação e criatividade da cidade
Living lab for strengthening the city’s innovation and creativity ecosystem
Manuel Paulo Teixeira
Manuel Paulo Teixeira

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

Born in Porto on May 28, 1971.
He holds a degree in Architecture from 1995 through the Cooperativa de Ensino Universidade Lusíada - Porto. He pursues his academic studies at the University of A Coruña - Department of Architectural Constructions - Spain, where he obtained his Master's degree in Pathology and Architectural Restoration in 1997.
Between 1998 and 2001 he is a Guest Auxiliary Professor at EUAC - Coimbra University School of Arts, in Architecture and Equipment Design degrees. Paralelamente develops the professional activity of architect in own office, projecting in diverse areas, with special incidence for projects of rehabilitation in the northern zone of Portugal. In September 2001 he joined the staff of Metro do Porto S.A., where, until June 2006, he assumed responsibility for conducting the Technical Team for Architecture, Planning and Urban Planning. In this period, its main activity is focused on the technical and institutional management of the implementation process of the 1st Phase of the Network, from the project's elaboration, through the construction follow-up and start-up of this public transport network.
Subsequently, and until May 2014, he is Director of the Projects Office in the same entity and conducts the process of implementation of the 2nd Phase of the network, namely the general design, multidisciplinary technical management and institutional management among several agencies. Since June 2014 he has been working as a consultant in the field of mobility and transport, focusing on international projects in Northern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
At the same time, it has integrated several technical and scientific organizations, such as the Action COST-TU1103 - Operation and Safety of Trails in Interaction with Public Space, made up of members from 15 European countries, with the Vice-President; And the National Technical Commission for Accessibility and Inclusive Design, being responsible for the Working Group - Transport.
Since July 2016, he has been the Director of the Department of Mobility and Public Road Management at the Porto City Council.

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