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Talk 13 / A park is not a garden
31 January 2017
Talk 13 / A park is not a garden

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

The counterpoint between the indoor and outdoor spaces in the composition of the urban design. The diversity of the urban outdoor spaces (the squares and the small squares, the avenues, the roadways and patios, and the inner parts of the quarters with gardens and vegetable gardens).

“The garden is the domestic space of the house and both are a shelter, a refuge from a hostile outside. On the other hand, the park is the re-encounter with paradise in the sense of a safe, open territory designed to make the idea of natural beauty come true. The garden, according to the hortus inclusus concept is a space apart from the world, which claims privacy and distance. On the contrary, the park aims at embracing the world as a free, shared space, fostering the encounter, the conviviality, the contemplation and the pleasure of being there” Sidónio Pardal


Speakers: Álvaro Domingues and Paulo Farinha Marques

Moderator: Sidónio Pardal

Date: 31 January 2017

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Porto Innovation Hub, auditorium

Duration: 90’ (include public discussion)

Format: open talk

Target audience: general

Entry: free (limited to the area capacity, 50 people)


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