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Sketching the city
Sketching the city

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

During the second month of activities of Porto Innovation Hub (PIH), the debate on the theme “Sketching the city” took place. The subthemes “Accessibilities” and “City Form” have been discussed at  length during the open talks.

Concurrently, and still under the main theme, PIH was present in an iniciative whose concept was “Sketched City = Desired City”, in Miguel Bombarda Street, a live paint action using a canvas of the PIH module. The artist KINO was challenged to draw, on both sides of the structure, his own view of Porto in the future, his view of the desired city, in order to express his view of a better society. Based on the themes that have been discussed during the PIH, “Innovation in the transformation of the city” has, among others, dealt the issues of social cohesion, culture, education, well-being, sustainability and employment.
The initiative Stepping Out “Social Architecture” proposed a tour to a temporary intervention of social architecture by Critical Concrete. This Association and the Co-Lateral space have as mission to promote a new social architeture model, by recovering socially relevant spaces such as social housing, and cultural and public spaces through educational programmes.
The activity of Porto Service Jam was presented during an Open Talk. It was structured on the whole process of innovation focused on the design of better services.












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