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António Viana da Fonseca
António Viana da Fonseca

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Associate Professor with Aggregation in Civil Engineering - Geotechnics
Department of Civil Engineering (DEC)
Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP)
Portugal (
Place and Date of Birth: Porto - Sé; 12/07/1962


Director of the Geotechnical Laboratory (LabGeo) of DEC-FEUP. Member, Counselor and Coordinator of the Specialization in Geotechnics of the Engineers Commandment (Portugal). Chairman of the TC-102 Committee of "Ground Property Characterization by In-Situ Tests" of the International Society of Soils Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).
Coordinator / Responsible for several national and international research programs in the areas of: characterization of masses, geotechnical behavior modeling (in particular of residual soils), seismic and vibration analysis, cyclic and flow (static) liquefaction, with emphasis on materials (In particular of residual soils), characterization and modeling of the static and cyclic behavior of improved soils with binders (cement, lime and alkaline ash activators) for foundations of structures and road and rail platforms.Advisor of 20 PhD Theses (10 in Portugal and 9 abroad, 6 in Brazil) and 67 Masters. Researcher responsible for 9 multi-annual projects (7 national and 2 international) and effective collaborator: 10 multi-annual projects.
Author or coauthor of 46 articles in international journals with revision (32 of which in Int. Journ. Impact Factor- JRC) and 24 in national technical journals with reviewer; 226 articles published and presented at international conferences, of which 15 are Special Conferences (keynote / special lectures) and 51 national congresses; 73 technical documents to support workshops and courses. (H Scopus Index = 11, Jan. 2017, ID 7005635575).
Author of 9 chapters in international books and editor of 3 Proceedings in international publishers. Author of 3 books in Portuguese and 2 chapters of national books.
Responsible for and consultant of 105 projects, including foundations of bridges and large buildings, landfills on soft soils, large urban excavations and tunnels (Portugal, Algeria, Brazil, Morocco, Mozambique, Poland and Spain). Coordinator of 300 specialized experimental processes conducted by LabGeo-FEUP, and responsible for the reports.
It is worth mentioning its involvement in the Project Team of Foundations, Excavations and Containment Structures of the Metro do Porto Stations: Trindade (Station of line C, semi-deep, treatment of the cliff, Access Gallery and Station of the underground line - Line S) and Allies (Underground Station - Line S). Coordinator in the Geotechnics specialties of the VIAPONTE project teams (NORMETRO), from Nov. 2000 to Jun 2004. Coordinator of the Geotechnics area by the Construction Institute (IC), for the review of projects and inspection for the Construction of the two New crossings of the Douro River in Entre-os-Rios: New Hintze-Ribeiro Bridge and New Bridge on the Douro River variant EE NN 108 and 224. Work for the Institute for Road Construction (Roads of Portugal), Sep 2001 To Sep. 2002.


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