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Stepping out / Civil Engineering revealed - Geotechnical and Pathways Laboratories
16 June 2017
Stepping out / Civil Engineering revealed - Geotechnical and Pathways Laboratories

Photography: PIH Team

In the Geotechnics Laboratory, the research is developed in the following fields: prospecting, field and laboratory tests and observation of works.

Equipped with some unusual equipment, the laboratory, in addition to the execution of most of the current tests for the characterization of natural masses and anisotropic geotechnical works, has experience in the execution of very specialized tests in the field of soil and rock mechanics. In addition to teaching support, LABGEO also has a strong component of support to the community and the construction industry in providing services in this field. In the Laboratory of Traffic Analysis, integrated in the Roadways Section, has as its central object the study of traffic and road safety, supporting the educational activities, research and university extension, looking for the characterization of road infrastructures and traffic flows, the development of methods and techniques for dealing with problems related to the analysis, control and management of mobility, as well as the study of the psycho-physiological behavior of drivers and pedestrians for the application of new technologies in traffic management and control. To achieve these goals, the LAT is equipped with a variety of equipment, namely manual and automatic traffic measures, speed meters, automation systems and digital video image processing and an instrumented vehicle for the collection of traffic data and recording of the behavior of the driver. It also has the Driving Simulator DriS, with a view to the analysis of situations of difficult or impossible reproduction in real situations.


Guidance: António Viana da Fonseca and José Pedro Tavares

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Meeting point: Departamento de Engenharia Civil da FEUP (s/n, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 Porto) - Laboratório de Geotecnia (Edifício H, R/ch, sala H007)


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