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Paulo Rosa Santos
Paulo Rosa Santos

Photography: PIH Team

Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto since 2010 and Integrated Member of CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Porto.
PhD in Civil Engineering (Coastal and Port Engineering) at FEUP in 2010, she’s the author or co-author of something like 60 national and international scientific publications focusing on the application of physical modeling and numerical modeling in the study of engineering coastal, port and offshore problems.
Member of the organizing and scientific committee of several national and international training courses, seminars and conferences. Over the years Paula has served as a reviewer for 9 international scientific journals and she’s currently the associate editor of the Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ISSN: 1646-8972).
Member of the Board of the Northern Regional Center of the Portuguese Association of Water Resources (APRH-Norte) and member of several national and international associations. Collaboration in more than 20 R&D studies and projects in the field of coastal and port engineering and the development of technologies for the use of wave energy.


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